9–10th & Locust (PATCO station)

9–10th & Locust is a PATCO Lindenwold Line subway station in Philadelphia. The station is located in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Center City, Philadelphia, near Wills Eye Hospital and Walnut Street Theatre.

Because there is no concourse connection with any other subway station, this station closes every night from 12:07 – 5 AM due to crime concerns, thus making it the only station on the line that is not open 24 hours a day.

Station layout

G Street Level Entrances/Exits, to Jefferson Hospital
M Mezzanine to entrances/exits, fare control
Platform level
Westbound      PATCO Speedline late nights does not stop here
     PATCO Speedline toward 15–16th & Locust (12–13th & Locust)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Eastbound      PATCO Speedline toward Lindenwold (8th & Market)
     PATCO Speedline late nights does not stop here →
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